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Curling competitions at BIR

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Our Competitions cater for all ages and all abilities,
check out the details below, there will be some
to suit you!

Click on the competition name for full details.

Auld Yins Bonspiel

For mature curlers

Played towards end of season

Auld Yins League

Mature curlers

Play on Friday lunch time

Border Bonspiel 

2 teams from each club

Played early January

Border League

1 team from each club

Played Tuesday afternoons

Club Champoinship

Mixed Pairs

Club Points 

Entered by your club

Played in February

Cunningham Trophy

For young curlers 40 or under

Played February

Developers Cup 

Curlers who have not played in the Directors or the Matthew Templeton


Entries by your club


Any 4 curlers

Played in February

Dun Trophy 

Entered by your club

End of Season Bonspiel 

Any four curlers

Played last Saturday of season

Family Bonspiel 

Family entries for

Christmas time fun

Gala Cup 

Mixed comp for members of a border club

Glynnice Lauder Trophy

Ladies Competition

Harry Hogg Trophy

Any four members of a Border Province Club

Henderson Bishop

4 lady members of BIR

This is a qualifier

Ladies Challengeition

Open to any 4 Lady Curlers

Ladies League

Any 4 Lady Curlers

Played during the season

Ladies Pairs

Any 2 lady curlers

Laidlaw Trophy

Entered by your club

Marie Currie

Single entry from any curler

Fund raising Bonspiel

Matthew Templeton

Any 4 Curlers

Played in November

Melrose Kettle

Entries are via your club

Mixed Doubles

Any mixed pair from BIR


Mixed Invitation

Two day competition

Enter or be invited

Oakroom Bonspiel

Ladies Competition

Open Pairs

Any two curlers

Past Presidents

Invitation from a past President

Two games

Pate Trophy

Borders v Midlothian

Ralph Brooks

For the over 40s

RCCC Championship

Any four border Curlers


Stewart Salver

Any 2 lady & 2 male curlers


For players who use a delivery

stick only

Super League

For the better players

Look out for your invite

Swan Trophy(s)

Any four ladies or Gents teams

(two competitions)

Turnbull Trophy

Ladies Competition

Tweedmouth Kettle

Entered by your club

Waldie Griffiths Trophy

Province Bonspiel involving

Scottish Provinces

Wednesday Night Club

Any curler who wants to play on a Wednesday night

Weekend Trophy

Any four curlers

Played Saturdays

Competitions are fun and it's great to play against other curlers out-with your own club

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