Ice Rink Information

The Club Lounge

We have a beautiful, large viewing gallery that allows our members to sit back and relax with an ice cold beverage, some good company and some local curling.  The lounge has just under 100 chairs and 8 tables with an additional 6 folding tables.  This is a members bar that can be used for curling functions alongside a curling event or even just for a club event.  Although we have our cafe downstairs, we can provide the service to have your food served in the comfort of the lounge whether it be for a function or for a quick snack between games.

The Cafe

Our cafe has a light, fresh feel to it where you can sit and enjoy your morning coffee or your evening dinner.  There are 36 chairs and 4 tables with an additional 6 stools for sitting along the window where you can sit and watch the curling or skating in action.  The cafe is open to anyone whether you are familiar with the facility or not.