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Pate Trophy

Competition Name: Pate Trophy

Type Of Competition: Bonspiel (Borders V Midlothian Provinces)

Organised By: Border Province

Entry: Clubs selected by Province Committee

Sponsored By: None

Last Played: Kelso 16th March 2019 at 1.30 & 3.30pm

Next Played: Saturday 14th March @ Murrayfield 


The Pate Trophy was presented to the Border Province in 1962 by Andrew Pate (Past President of BIRC) in memory of his uncle.   Friendly matches existed between the two Provinces at Haymarket Ice Rink and this trophy was to be used for these matches.   The scoring is a bonspiel and the province with the highest shots (then ends if tied) will win the Pate Trophy.

When played at Kelso 8 games will be played , at Murrayfield 7 games.


So far the overall count for wins for the two Provinces stand at:


Midlothian 32

Borders 28

Midlothian retained the Pate in 2022-23

Saturday 14th March 2021

Played at Kelso

Win for Midlothian

       Border Province 66  v  54 Midlothian Province 


President’s Rink 10 v 6 Penicuik             

        Swinton 3 v 12 Murrayfield  

              Kelso10 v 7 Carrington       

                      Duns 9 v 2 Sweepers                

     Greenlaw 9 v 5 President Sel

                Earlston 10 v 8 Mid Calder               

      Lees 10 v 4 Gogar      

Ayton Castle 5 v 10 DAFS         

Saturday 16th March 2019

Played at at Kelso

       Border Province 50  v  47 Midlothian Province 

Michael Sutherland's          Basil Baird's            

President’s Rink 6 v 6 President’s Rink

     Jedburgh 7 v 9 Gogar Park  

    St Boswells 10 v 8 Sweepers        

                      Duns 8 v 1 Corstorphine Ladies

 Greenlaw 4 v 5 Midcalder

            Earlston 9 v 4 DAFS               

Coldstream 3 v 8 S A I E     

Ayton Castle 3 v 6 Penicuik     

Sunday 4th November 2018

This was a postponed match due to last years "Beast from the East"

Played at at Murrayfield

Midlothian Province 66 v 43 Border Province

President’s Rink 7 v 5 President’s Rink

Carrington 7 v 6 Jedburgh  

    DAFS 17 v 1 Greenlaw

  Gogar Park 3 v 13 Coldstream

 Midcalder 19 v 2 St Boswells

            SIAE 7 v 7 Ayton Castle

Sweepers 6 v 9 Earlston 

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