200+ Club

Registered under the small lotteries act

How do you fancy the chance of winning £50 each month?  Who wouldn't?  The 200+ club is a draw that is done monthly.  At each draw, numbers are picked at random and four lucky people win themselves a cash prize.  That's not all, because every December 'A Big Draw' is done where a total of £250 can be won +£50 added if you are at the draw or in the rink.

if this £50 is not won on the night it is added to the following year and accumulates yearly until won, making a handsome bonus for the lucky winner.


If your feeling lucky, then this is how you can get involved.

The 200+ club is a 12 month subscription of £12 (That's just £1 a month!) 

The draw runs from December to November.


The monthly prizes are:

1 x £50

3 x £12

How to pay:

We are only able to accept payment by standing order

(use the button below for a form)


'The Big Draw'

The Christmas Big Draw takes place after the Swan Trophy Final in December.

The normal monthly draw is made which is followed by the draw for £250

(plus an annual £50 accumulator bonus if the winner is in the building)



This event has been suspended due to Coronavirus.

The draw for £250 will still be done

and the Bonus Draw for £50 will be made as a separate draw to be fair and meet our commitment.

Prizes will be sent to the winners as normal, but may be later than usual as the draws are made a few at a time.  

Members who are not paying by Standing order should arrange for this to be put in place as this is mandatory as you can appreciate.


Isla Forsyth wins the "Big Draw 2019"
and was there on the night claiming £450.
(£250 + triple roll-over bonus of £200)

For any inquiries or purchase numbers please fill out the form below:


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