Become A Sponsor

Sponsors play a big part in our facility and without your good nature this sporting community would not have the great prizes, equipment and competition that happens inside these walls.  We thank our sponsors for everything they do for us and we invite many more individuals and business' to become part of our community and help us create that fun and exciting atmosphere for all age groups to join in with.



If you feel you would like to become a sponsor for a competion, a curling stone or even put up an advertising board then please see the following sections on how to become a sponsor.

Sponsor A Competition


Competition sponsors can sponsor a competition in many different ways and these can vary from giving prizes for the competition winners, covering ice fees, a round of drinks at the bar and many other appreciated ways that help make each and every one of our competitions special in their own way.


We still have a few competitions that unfortunately have not been as lucky enough to have the backing of a sponsor.  If you feel that you would like to become one of our many great sponsors please get in contact. Click here for our contact details.


Below is a list of available competitions for sponsoring.  You can click on the competition name to go the relevant competitions page and find out more about it.

Advertise in our Rink


The advertising boards can be seen by our club that currently has over 400 active members, our figure skating club who also has currently over 100 up and coming athletes and our public skating that on average has 120 families enjoying a day out.



We still have plenty of space for your company to advertise around our rink.  If you feel that you would like to advertise at Borders Ice Rink please get in contact. Click here for our contact details.



Below is a picture that shows you what our ice rink looks like within the ice hall.  It also clearly shows you the advertising boards that are currently there down along the left and right hand side walls and the rest on the far away end wall.



If you would like a side wall space then the cost for that would be £100 + VAT



If you would like an end wall space then the cost for that would be £140 + VAT

End Wall

Side Wall

Side Wall

Curling Stone Sponsorship


If you sponsor a pair of our curling stones you can have a text engraved into the handle.  Whether it is your company, a club, or even in memory of someone you know.  The money that we get from these sponsorships helps us keep our stones maintained to a high standard and also went towards the purchase of our new stones and handles.


We still have a few more stones that could benfit from your sponsorship.  If you feel that you would like to sponsor our curling stones please get in contact.  Click here for our contact details.


Below is a picture of an engraved handle and what yours could look like.


If you feel like you would like to sponsor a pair of stones then the cost to do so is £300 + VAT


Ice Sponsorship


Probably one of our most exciting new sponsorship options.  Would you fancy having your logo frozen into the ice for all to see.  Similar to the advertising boards around the ice hall, this sponsorship option is seen by all of our curlers, skating club and public skating.  Many photos are taken throughout the season during our many well attended competitions.  Your logo could easily creep up into photos of curling games or skating photos taken by the friends and family of the skaters.


If this sponsorship option excites you, and you feel like doing something different then please get in contact with us.  As this option is unavailable after the start of the season (Season is from September - March) we would need to know by the end of July to ensure we can get your logo made and ready for the laying of the ice.   Prices vary on this option due to the size of the logo and the location within the ice.  Click here for our contact details.

Guard Zone  Logo

Button Logo