Directors Trophy

Competition Name: Directors Trophy

Type Of Competition: Knock Out

Organised By: Border Ice Rink Club

Entry: Open to any team of 4 curlers

Sponsored By: Cullen Kilshaw  /  Border Ice Rink Ltd

Last Played: Monday 04th - Wednesday 06th February 2019

Next Played: Monday 03rd - Wednesday 05th February 2020



The 2019 Finals

The High Road Teams

Winners:          James Stark (skip); Stuart Craig; Alistair Hodge & Kyle McLain

Runners-up:   Keith Prentice (skip); Bruce Porteous; Angus Massie & Charles Brooker

The Low Road Teams

Winners:          Paul Jess (skip); Helen Forbes; Andy Adams & Roger Lynn

Runners-up:    Graeme Wilson (skip); Phil Brand; Ewan Pate & Luigi Massari