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Directors Trophy

Competition Name: Directors Trophy

Trophy presented by; Directors of Border Ice Rink Ltd

Type Of Competition: Knock Out

Administration: Border Ice Rink Club

Entry: Open to any team of 4 curlers

Sponsored By: Cullen Kilshaw  /  Border Ice Rink Ltd

Last Played: 16th February 2024

Next Played: 


Directors Trophy (B&W).jpg

A nail biting final of the Directors Trophy, with a ninth end being played to decide the winner.

See card below.

Directors win 2024.jpg


Lucy’s team of Liz, Peter and Andrew were in charge in the first 4 ends and then Colin’s team of Ian, Matt and Zoe took control in the next 4 ends. In the ninth end after 8 stones being played there was still nothing in the house but lots of guards (probably more than the skips wanted! How were they to get into the house!). Finally Lucy’s team came out with a shot to win the end and final. Well done to everyone, particularly to the two Gateway players, Zoe and Andrew

Directors R_U 2024.jpg

The 2024 Final Card

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