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Gala Cup

Competition Name: Gala Cup

Type Of Competition: Knock Out

Organised By: Border Province

Entry: Mixed teams of two men and women from the same club play any order.

Sponsored By: Colin & Liz Martin / Border Province

Last Played: Saturdays 22nd Oct; 5th, 12th Nov; 3rd December 2022 

Next Played: As draw below

1st Round               Quarter-Final         Semi-Final                Final 

Sat 2nd Dec            Sat 16th Dec         16th Dec                  20th Jan

2.00pm                   9.30am                 2.00pm                   11.45

Earlston 2


Roxburghe                   v


Earlston 1                                                   v


Selkirk                         v


Jedburgh                                                                                     v


Lauderdale                   v

                              Ayton Castle





2023 Final
16th December

Duns team was:

C Martin, L Martin, L Seed & R Lynn.

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