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Harry Hogg Trophy

Competition Name: Harry Hogg Trophy

Type Of Competition: Knock Out

Organised By: Border Province

Entry: Any 4 curlers from the same club in the Border

Province and Extra Provincial clubs (Yester & Glendale)

Sponsored By: Border Chainsaw and Lawnmower Services

Sponsorship includes: Subsidised ice throughout and Winner & Runner up prizes

Last Played:  Wednesday 14th December 2022, Wednesday 18th January,                                      Wednesday 1st February 2023

 Next Played:  Wed 25th Oct, Wed 8th & 15th Nov.

1st Rd Wed                  Quarter finals              Semi final                   Final

Wed 25th Oct2.45pm  Wed 8th Nov 2.45pm  Wed 15th Nov 2.45pm  Fri  1st Dec 5.45pm




Ayton Castle                       v

                                   Earlston 2


v                                                                         v

Roxburghe                          v

                                   Earlston 1


v                                                                                                           v

Duns                                  v



v                                                                         v

Swinton                             v


Final 2023

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