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Border Province
Border League

Competition Name: Border League

Type Of Competition: League

Organised By: Border Province

Entry: Each border club allocated one entry.

Sponsored By:

Played: Tuesdays at 14:45 throughout the season

Season 2023 - 24

Qualifying Criteria based on: Points, then Ends Won, then Shots Up.

2023 / 2024 Page Play-Off

                                                                Semi-Final                                 Final

Tue 5th March                                   Tue 5th March                       Thu 14th March

     2.45 pm                                                 5.45 pm                                 5.30 pm

Section Top Teams

    Swinton                                                                                                 Swinton



                                                                                                                       v           Swinton


  Section R/U                                                                                                            

    Coldstream                                                v                                      

         v                                                    Coldstream                               Coldstream


Final 2024

BL winners 2024.JPG

2023-24 Winners Swinton C C

Winning Team: Robert Barclay (2nd), Jo Scott (Lead), Judith Dixon (3rd) & Skip Robert Walker (Club President)

Bl Winners, Tom a.JPG

Tom Baird remembers holding this Trophy when he played 3rd in the winning team the last time Swinton won the league in 1984.

Robert Thanks.JPG

Robert Walker, Swinton club president and skip tells us how it was done in 2024.

BL R-U 2024..JPG

Runners up were Coldstream, Skip James Stark, Stuart Craig, Andrew Letham & Willie Johnston, pictured here with club President Ann Tait.

The trophies were presented by Charles Brooker, President of the Border Province.

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