The BIR is now a charity organisation,

the background leading to this is noted below:

At a well attended open meeting held in the Border Ice Rink on Tuesday 8th May 2018 it was explained to the members what would be the benefits of the Border Ice Rink becoming a charitable trust.

Trust Working Committee

A small working committee has been set up to look into all aspects of setting up the trust, this committee includes members of the Board of Directors of BIR Ltd, Border Ice Rink Club, Borders Curling Development Group and BIR Ladies Section.

Andrew Wemyss, Keith Prentice, Lucy Tile, Liz Martin,

Judith Dixon, David Mitchell

& Bruce Lees (Registered Trust and Estate Practitioner)

The Next Stage - Permission

Two Extra General Meetings will be held to obtain the approval of the BIRC and BIR Ltd to proceed to the formal formulation of the "Border Ice Rink Trust"

These two meetings will be held in the

Border Ice Rink at 7.30pm

Border Ice Rink Club EGM - Thursday 24th May 2018

Open to all Border Ice Rink Club Members

The committee of management propose to change its present constitution and byelaws
into a new constitution of a charitable trust to be known as the Border Ice Rink Trust in its entirety.

The attending members voted in favour of the above motion with a count of 48 for the motion and 3 abstentions.

Under the rules of the constitution the motion was carried.

BIR Shareholders EGM - Thursday 31st May 2018

Open to all Border Ice Rink Shareholders

(The proposal has been mailed to all shareholders, if you are a shareholder and not received this, please let us know on the form on the contact us page.)

The Shareholders agreed to the forming of a trust and subject to an agreement of terms

will lease the building to the "Trust" and will transfer funds as seen suitable to the trust for investment in the further development and updating of the building.

Become a Trustee of "Border Ice Rink Trust"

Members are invited to apply to be a trustee of the new BIRT and all applications with a CV should be sent to:

BIRT, Border Ice Rink, Golf Course Road, Kelso, TD5 7SL.

Applications for this has now CLOSED.

Building Structure, Repairs & Improvements

Border Ice Rink was built over the winter of 1963-64 and opened its doors on October 1st 1964.   Since then many upgrades and modifications have taken place, but within the very near future the roof and some of the wall coatings will require replacement.   It is felt that with this major work imminent, this would be the time to review the whole building and architects were appointed who have now submitted a feasibility report. (Click button below for report).

This report details a basic option 1 and a more elaborate option 2, however we do feel we (The Trust) will select an option between the two options detailed in the report.

Below are only a few mages depicting the roof condition.