Wheelchair Coaching

Learn the art of Wheelchair Curling

Currently we do not have a specific session for wheelchair curlers.  This is something that if we get the demand we can certainly look towards putting together.  For now there is a wheelchair club that is open to anyone of any ability to be part of a club and give curling a go.  There are games and on going coaching that happen within this strong club.  So far there are over ten wheelchair curlers and they are looking to expand and bring in new people to enjoy the sport with.


The wheelchair club takes place on a Saturday morning at 1130 - 1330.  If you feel that this appeals to you and you would like to come along and take part then feel free to get in contact.  Please enter your details into the form below and someone will get back to you as soon as possible.


All you need to bring is yourself in some warm comfortable clothes.  Equipment is available at Border Ice Rink.  If you do start to get the curling bug and would like to do more curling, it is possible to join more clubs who curl at Border Ice Rink.  To find details of these clubs, you can find them on the Curling Clubs page or click here.



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