Virtual Club

A Club Aimed for Beginners

The Virtual Club is a club that beginners who have been attending the coaching sessions can join to then partake in games with people of around the same ability.

This can give the new curlers a curling club feel and understand what it will feel like to then move to a curling club of their choice.  The Virtual Club is generally run on a Saturday morning at 1130 - 1330 straight after the coaching session.


It is seen to be a stepping stone from coaching towards the curling clubs.  Once you feel you would like to move on you can then decide whether you would like to join your local club or one that has friends and family within them.  You may also join more than one club if you like.

13th October 2018

20th October 2018

27th October 2018

10th November 2018

17th November 2018

1st December 2018

8th December 2018

15th December 2018


For any other enquiries towards the Virtual Club, please contact John Stevenson, Border Curling Development Group Point of Contact, through the form on the coaching home page.