Greenlaw Curling Club

President: Stephen Brown

Vice President: TBA

Secretary: Bill Burgess

Treasurer: John Mackie

Ladies Rep: Rebecca Fraser

Committee: Gordon Fettes, Cathy Brown, Roy Cavers

             Colin Macnab, Dorothy Silver & Jane Rae

Dave Brown

In appreciation of his long and diligent service to the Greenlaw Curling Club, President Stephen Brown presented Dave Brown with a memento as pictured above.

Well deserved Dave on a job well done!

2018-19 Competition Results....

Buchanan Trophy

Winners - Colin Macnab, Roy Cavers, Rebecca Fraser, Pam Brown


Winners - Bill Brockie, Bill Burgess

R/U -       Roy Cavers, Anne Burgess

Cameron Cup

winners - John Stevenson, Peter Bowyer, Bill Burgess, Jane Rae

R/U -       Roy Cavers, Bill Mitchell, Denis Wheelhouse, Anne Burgess


Winning Skip - Jane Norman  R/U Dave Prentice

Winning 3rd -  Bert Duncan   R/U Denis Wheelhouse

Winning 2nd - Jane Rae   R/U Peter Colebrook

Winning lead - Jeff Mason   R/U Susan Mason


Winners - Roy Cavers, Cathy Brown, Peter Colebrook, Marje Dykes 176 pts

R/U -       Ian Dykes, Dorothy Silver, Rob Mathieson, Anne Burgess 136 pts

Points Trophy

Charles Brooker

Ladies Invitation

Rob Mathieson, Helen Mathieson, Steve Brown, Pam Brown

Greenlaw Invitation

Venetia Scott, Brenda Robertson, Bob Robertson, Charles Brooker

Ladies Invitation 2019

Winning rink: Skip: Bobby Forrest, Third; Jane Rae, Second: Sophia Duncan, Lead: Alison Johnston [who unfortunately had to leave after the curling] and Cathy Brown who organised the event and presented the trophy.

Border Ice Rink

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